Thin Film Evaporators designed for maximum productivity and low capital cost

FABEX offers Extractors that combines two operations in a single compact unit; separation and extraction. We offer Annular centrifugal extractors (ACE) that operates as both separator and contactor which make it a valuable tool in numerous types of processes. Its unique design provides mixing and separation in a single, compact unit. We provide unique liquid-liquid extractor with favorable partition coefficient, high selectivity and easy separation from the extracted product


(1) Continuous operation with maximum purity.

(2) Low solvent requirement with high turn down ratio.

(3) Reduction in the waste with low product inventory and efficiently controlled process.

(4)Customizable design for limited space and portability

(5)Utilizing counter current or parallel processing operations with multiple units



(1) Refining oleic oils and effluent processing.

(2) Extraction of fish oil.

(3) Rare earth metal separation.

(4) Separation of glycerol from biodiesel.

(5) Liquid Ion Exchange to obtain citric acid, phenol from waste water, vanadium extraction etc.

(6) Liquid-Liquid Extraction to obtain acrylics, fumaric acid, hydrogen peroxide, butadiene etc.

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