Agitated Thin

Film Evaporator

Drying of heat sensitive products with fouling reduction and  self-cleaning heating surfaces.

Agitated thin film evaporator

Agitated Thin Film Evaporator 

Agitated Thin Film Evaporators (ATFE) are mechanically aided with turbulent flows. The process liquid that enters the evaporator is spread across the thermal surface of a tube, with the help of mechanical blades. The ATFE constitutes of vapour body assembly and a rotor. The feed enters the evaporator by means of a nozzle which transports the liquid through the vessel by means of gravity. The rotor blades spreads the liquid in the form of thin film due to the turbulent flow generated. This helps in easily disengaging the liquid and vapours. The ATFE developed by FABEX offers low pressure drop configuration allowing continuous and reliable processing. Our customized design helps optimization of the product quality by using variable operating conditions.

Principle of Operation: Thermal separation of a liquid feed by producing a thin film at the heated wall of the evaporator by generating high turbulence with intense heat and mass transfer using a rotor.

Agitated Thin Film Evaporator ATFE

It utilizes turbulent flow generated by high speed rotors that help in generation of thin films at the surface of the tubes. The high speed rotor blades help in efficiently disengaging liquid film from the vapors thereby concentrating the liquid. The intense agitation of the liquid film reduces the scale formation on the heat transfer surfaces thereby reducing fouling.

Our Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) offers low pressure drop configuration which allows continuous and reliable processing of many heat sensitive, viscous, or fouling materials without any product degradation. Our system can be used to process different products under variable operating conditions due to customized design. The turbulence helps the thorough heat transfer and mechanical agitation ensures that the entire mass undergoes the process to produce high yields.

Our Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) reduces fouling and liquid residence time in the evaporator.

Special Features
  • High heat transfer rate with shorter drying time.
  • Wide range of operating pressures, from vacuum to atmospheric.
  • Presence of self-cleaning heating surfaces with minimum maintenance.
  • Constant renewal of layer/film near the wall to reduce fouling.
  • Full recovery of the solvents with inert process conditions.
  • Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) helps in reduction of residence time thereby resulting in better product quality control and consistency especially for applications that involves continuous once through configurations
  • Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) help in better heat and mass transfer in extremely viscous substances
  • Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) can easily help in solvent recovery from waste streams and help in reduction in the impurities to extremely low value
  • It can be used at high vacuum to distill high boiling or temperature sensitive materials


  • Concentration of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs
  • Vacuum Distillation of Intermediates, Fine Chemicals, Glycols, Used lubricating oils
  • Concentration of Oleoresins, Enzymes, Milk products, Juices and Sugars
  • Stripping of Silicone oils, Pesticides, Plasticizers and Monomers
  • Recovery of Contaminated solvents and products from residue
  • Evaporation of Bio-diesel and Glycerin
  • Purification and separation of different chemicals and petrochemical products including bio-based chemicals
  • Glycol recovery for reuse
  • Recover organic products from tars and residues
  • Dilution and de-watering of dilute products
  • Concentration of Active Ingredients
  • Gentle distillation of heat sensitive products
  • Concentration of botanical extracts and fermentation broth