Advanced Distillation Technology: High-Performance & Reliability

Distillation technology is well known across diverse Industries However, achieving perfection in Short Path Distillation Units (SPDUs) lies in the exacting accuracy and specialized deployment of the machinery. This methodical approach ensures exceptional results.

Engineering we have years of Expirence and in-depth knowledge of SPDU and the ability to customize it as per the requirement of our Customers. We have proven expertise in delivering cost effective design, sustainable & smart business solution for many Industries 

Working Principle of Distillation:

Short Path Distillation Units (SPDU) achieves separation by heating the mixture to vaporize volatile components, followed by rapid cooling and condensation. Its minimal path length reduces residence time, minimizing thermal degradation or loss of desired components. The efficient separation process yields high-purity end products.

Special Features

Internally mounted condenser minimizes pressure drop which helps distillation of high boiling and heat sensitive products at lower temperatures

  • Minimum pressure drop permits high vacuum operation
  •  High Evaporation rates and Compact Design
  •  Minimum Product Hold-up
  • Gentle Distillation of heat sensitive products with short
    residence time


Short Path Distillation is a versatile equipment that can be used in a wide range of industries for various applications such as:

  1. Concentration of Pharmaceutical products, vitamins, and esters
  2. Distillation of mono glycerides from di & tri glycerides
  3. Stripping of monomers from silicone oils, resins and polymers
  4.  Purification of natural and synthetic waxes
  5. Re-refining of spent lube oil

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