Scraped surface crystallizer

Continuous crystallizer with cooling and evaporative crystallization with increased heat transfer in a small place.

continuous crystallizer

Scraped Surface Crystallizer

Crystallizers are the equipments used in process industries for continuous separation, purification and recovery of solids. Crystallizers can be used for reducing the amount of liquid waste in the process industries. FABEX offers continuous crystallizers used in cooling or evaporative crystallisation mode through multiple jacket arrangement. The crystallizer constitutes of a cylindrical shell with a unique designed rotor that helps in uniform size distribution of the crystal. The flow pattern for a once through operation resembles a plug flow. There are multiple heat transfer surfaces that enables continuous heating or cooling process with increased heat transfer in a smaller space. The rotor is designed in such a way that the agitation is gentle which helps keep the crystals intact.
Principle of Operation: Continuous crystallizers operate on the basis of plug flow model which has negligible or no longitudinal mixing but there is complete radial mixing. The residence time and velocity of all the particles within the crystallizer is identical.
Scraped Surface Crystallizer 2

These are steady state continuous crystallizers which can operate at desired operating conditions. They produce consistent products and are comparably more energy efficient than the batch types. Scraped Surface Crystallizer (SSC) are available in cooling or evaporative modes depending upon the desired application.

We offer Scraped Surface Crystallizer (SSC) which is used in process industries for separation, purification and recovery of solids. The continuous crystallizer used in cooling or evaporative crystallization mode through multiple jacket arrangement.

Our Equipment works on simple concept of crystallizer “heat or cool continuously moving product by providing a large heat transfer surface for a small amount of product in a confined space”. The rotating features offer a uniform crystal distribution inside the crystallizer. The flow pattern in once through operation closely approaches to plug flow.

With unique design of rotor and multiple jacket arrangement our Scraped Surface Crystallizer (SSC) provides uniform size of crystals by controlling Temperature and Residence time in continuous operation.

Special Features
  • Controlled temperature and residence time during continuous operation.
  • Can be operated depending on the requirement of cooling or evaporative mode
  • Produces desired crystals in a stable manner.
  • Higher crystal quality with plug flow conditions and lower rate of crystal attrition
  • Purification and Separation of API solids from Reaction Mass
  • Purification and separation of Chemicals, Speciality chemicals from Reaction Mass
  • Separation of Chiral Isomers
  • Used when fermentation products have low solubility in solvent
  • Crystal formation of Inorganic salts like KNO3, NaCl, Na2SO4, NH3, NaNO3 etc