Harnessing the Power of Extraction Technology: Elevating Efficiency, Purity, and Yield

Extraction technology is the process of extracting Impurities, valuable products from a mixture using minimum amount of solvents, Extraction is Used in a Wide Variety of Industries.
We at fabex Engineering understand the intricacies of extraction processes and can provide you best tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. We provide unique Rotating disk Extractors, Annular Centrifugal Extractors, Asymmetric Rotating disk Extractors

Our design is aimed at retaining the efficient shearing action using rotating disks It produces dispersion while using the re-dispersion cycle produced in the separate transfer settling zone that reduces back-mixing. Our design is configured using CFD analysis

Working Principle of Extractor:

All types of extractors, work on the principle of separating a desired component from a mixture using a solvent the mixture is fed into the Extractor Which interacts with the medium selectively and is extracted & separated continuously.

Special Features

  • Significant reduction in power, space and solvent loss
  • Consistent results with excellent degree of separation
  • Continuous operation with maximum purity.
  • Utilizing counter current or parallel processing
  • operations with multiple units
  •  Reduction in the waste with low product inventory
    and efficiently controlled process.
Extraction Technology Fabex engineering


Continuous Extractors are versatile that can be used in a wide range of
Industries for various applications such as:

  1. Refining oleic oils and effluent processing.
  2. Rare earth metal separation
  3. Separation of glycerol from biodiesel.
  4. Purification of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  5. Extraction of bulk drugs having small batch production cycle
  6. Separation of components with differing boiling points

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