Revolutionizing Industries with Advanced Drying and ZLD Systems

Dryers are widely used throughout the process industries to convert liquids, slurries, and pastes to free-flowing solids in continuous, single pass operation.

FABEX Engineering is a leading manufacturer of Drying Technology, Including Agitated Thin Film Dryer & Horizontal Thin Film Dryer. Our Experience and knowledge with Thin Film Dryers, Custom Skid Manufacturing, and Pilot plant trials enable us to deliver high-quality, reliable, and efficient solutions to our customers.

Working Principle of Dryer:

The dryer consists of a rotating drum with a thin layer of the product applied to its surface, which is heated as the drum rotates. The thin film formed by the product is reheated causing the moisture in the product to evaporate, leaving behind a concentrated and dried product.

Special Features

Our Dryers have self-cleaning heating surfaces such that the moving parts undergo minimum maintenance in the long run

  • Short residence time with highest product quality
  • Dust free powder of relatively higher bulk density
  • Processing without dilution of feed
  • Low steam consumption with compact design
  • Higher efficiency and maximum reliability
  • Shorter downtime me and assembly time for maintenance and inspection
  • Available in both horizontal and Vertical configuration


Continuous thin film dryer is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in a wide range of industries for various applications such as:

  1. Drying of Pharmaceuticals Bulk drugs
  2. Drying of Surfactants and agrochemical
  3. Drying of Dyes, Pigments and Intermediates
  4. Drying of Organic and Inorganic salts
  5. Recovery of DMSO, Organic solvents & Glycerine from Salts and Residue.
  6. Concentration of sewage sludge, Industrial Sludge

Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) is an important process that helps companies meet environmental regulations and reduce water consumption. Our ATFD’s are widely used in combination with ZLD systems & Multiple Effect Evaporator to convert the liquid slurry into dry and disposal solids.                                                                                    For More information regarding ZLD system and market requirements you can  check it here

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