Short Path Distillation Unit

Effective utilization of low vacuum (0.001 mbar) to achieve critical heat sensitive separations



In Short Path Distillation Units, the vapours generated traverse a very short path compared to normal distillation. SPDU has an advantage of combining evaporation and condensation in the same chamber. At FABEX we offer smooth and effective functioning in basic processes like evaporation, condensation and distillation. These processes are effectually carried out for heat sensitive products as well as high boiling components. Our SPDU is an advanced, high separation technology with advanced evaporator units in combination with jacketed feed vessel, condenser cooling system, cold trap and vacuum. It constitutes of a thin film evaporator with an internally mounted condenser and a high speed balanced rotor with variable rotor speed, which minimises the pressure drop and thereby achieves efficient product separation without any damage to the product. Depending on the vapour density, a low vacuum of 0.001 mbar can be achieved for obtaining the desired distillate rate. The products that can be thermally treated include viscous media as well as heat sensitive products like fine chemicals, fish oils, monoglycerides, polymers, omega-3 fatty acids, esters etc.

Principle of Operation: Minimising the liquid hold up in the apparatus as well reducing the exposure time by distributing the product as a thin film on a heated surface.

Short Path Distillation SPDU


With a unique combination: evaporation and condensation processes in the same chamber, short path distillation units can be proficiently used for heat sensitive products and high boiling compounds. Fine vacuum distillation can be used for getting the desired distillate rates and achieve distillation of varieties of substances. The pressure drop in the normal distillation columns is eliminated in the Short Path Distillation Units (SPDU) since the vapour traverses short distance, thereby making wide range of undistillable products easily distillable

Our short path evaporators offer excellent results in evaporation, concentration, distillation or degassing of high boiling and temperature sensitive products. With our continuous research and product development we have achieved vacuum as low as 0.001 mbar for critical separations, thus being able to evaporate even extremely heat sensitive products like vitamins and flavors without causing damage to the product.

Internally mounted condenser minimizes pressure drop which helps distillation of high boiling and heat sensitive products at lower temperatures.


Special Features
  • Evaporation temperature reduced significantly by reduction in the absolute pressures to 0.001mbar.
  • Reduction in the thermal stress by reducing the residence time to a few seconds.
  • SPDU is efficiently designed to avoid degradation and polymerisation for highly heat sensitive products.
  • Design is customised according to the required capacity and type of product separation.
  • Maximum heating temperature of 350oC .

Chemical & Petrochemical Industries:

  • Separation of Solvents from silicon oil
  • Distillation of Cashew Nut Shell Oil
  • The intermediates as well as active substances that are obtained during the production of pharmaceutical substances can be easily distilled using SPDU
  • Crude Oil fractionation for separation of hard and soft waxes
  • Separation of Long Chain Acid Chlorides from Impurities and Free Acids

 Oil & Fat Industry

  • Distillation and separation of pesticides from oil
  • Deodorization & Purification of fish oil
  • Concentration of glycerol by distillation of other volatile substances.
  • Distillation to obtain triglycerides

 Food Industry

  • Moisture reduction / concentration of dairy products and fruit juices
  • Isolation and concentration of lactic acid
  • Solvent separation from flavors

 Polymer Industry

  • Concentration of polymers by minimizing the solvent utilization
  • Solvent and dimer stripping from all the kinds of resins
  • Isocyanates recovery from prepolymers