Annular Centrifugal Extractor

Combination of Separator and Extractor with highly efficient liquid-liquid separation and extraction.

Annular centrifugal extractor
Annular Centrifugal Extractor (ACE)
Annular Centrifugal Extractors (ACE) are used in the processes which require short residence time. Annular Centrifugal Extractors constitute of a rotating cylinder which helps in dispersing/mixing two liquids and providing efficient rotation, which makes the surface of the liquid coaxial with the axis of rotation of the cylinder. FABEX offers Annular Centrifugal Extractors that combines two operations in a single compact unit; separation and extraction. The small size, rapid and efficient operation and thorough mixing, in the annular zone of the centrifuge prior to separation, makes the newly designed ACE highly competent.
Principle of Operation: Mixing two liquids in a centrifuge using a rotor and separating the liquids by using gravity thereby acting as mixer, centrifuge and pump in a single unit.
Annular Centrifugal Extractor

Annular centrifugal extractors (ACE) are a combination of mixer, centrifuge and a pump. They are operated by mixing two immiscible phases and extracting the desired component in the organic phase under the action of gravitational force.  These high speed Annular centrifugal extractors (ACE) can also be utilized for liquids having lower density differences.

 We offer Annular centrifugal extractors (ACE) that operates as both separator and contactor which make it a valuable tool in numerous types of processes. Its unique design provides mixing and separation in a single, compact unit. Liquid-liquid centrifuges are valuable separation devices because of their small size and the rapid, yet efficient operation. However, they become even more valuable when employed as liquid-liquid contactors. The ability of a centrifuge to thoroughly mix two phases in the annular zone prior to separation in the rotor broadens its scope.

We provide Annular centrifugal extractors (ACE) with low hold-up, high process throughput, low residence time, low solvent inventory and high turn down ratio along with very high value of mass transfer coefficient and interfacial area in the annular zone.

Special Features
  • Low Liquid Hold-Up
  • High Process Throughput
  • Low residence time
  • Low solvent requirement with high turn down ratio
  • Higher interfacial area with high mass transfer coefficient.
  • Reduction in the waste with low product inventory and efficiently controlled process
  • Rapid and thorough mixing of liquid phases
  • Customizable design for limited space and portability
  • Utilizing counter current or parallel processing operations with multiple units
• Liquid-Liquid Extraction to obtain acrylics, fumaric acid, hydrogen peroxide, butadiene etc.
• Liquid Ion Exchange to obtain citric acid, phenol from waste water, vanadium extraction etc.
• Hops extraction for extraction of citral from limonene
• Refining oleic oils and effluent processing
• Fish oils
• Separation of glycerol from biodiesel
• Naphthenic crude processing
• Bioethanol and biodiesel production