A manufacturing unit designed to supply state-of-art process equipment with a team of  dedicated and expert engineers

Manufacturing Fabex Engineering

The quality of the platform for operating its unit processes is decided by its manufacturing equipment. Fabex makes sure that our customers remain happily associated with us for the lifetime. Serving our customers with the best of the equipment is our utmost priority. These high grade equipment are manufactured within our 20,000 sq. ft integrated manufacturing facility at Nashik. Fabex along with its expertized team of dedicated engineers has successfully manufactured various project stage equipment like lab scale units, Pilot plant, skid manufacturing units and customized units of large capacities. These include technically advanced equipment like Short Path Distillation Units (SPDU), Film Evaporators, Extraction systems, Zero Liquid Discharge Systems, different types of continuous reactors etc. All the equipment are designed according to ASME standards 

Our manufacturing unit consists of varieties of mechanical equipment that are required for material processing and integration of modular and skid units. These include Argon (TIG) and CO2 (MIG) welding stations with plasma profile cutting facility, in-house heavy duty lathes, boring drilling machines with finish equipment testing facilities.

Special Features
  • Equipment manufactured with rapid speed of operation with high structural rigidity
  • Flexibility of operations which makes the manufactured equipment user friendly.
  • Use of different high grade materials like Hast-Alloy, Alloy-20, Duplex steel and Titanium along with SS
  • Rotary equipment upto 30m2 surface area can be manufactured.