Custom Processing


Outsourcing a part of production process is cost effective and a key towards profitable venture

Toll and Contract Processing
Custom Processing Services

At Fabex, we have specialized equipment, which can help any given industry to process and maintain the quality of their products. Besides, our specialized technical team can help provide the clients with proficient technical suggestions to bring about further improvisation in the manufacturing processes. FABEX also provides contract manufacturing for the process that provide our clients with complete outsourcing of the product according to the requirement, within the stipulated time frame 

 The requirement of specialised equipment, specific resources and dedicated facilities, for manufacturing a specific product can lead to larger investment and thereby reduction in profits. Moreover, sometimes the lack of technicalities regarding the specialised process can incur huge losses. The best way to keep a track of the investment in specialty high end equipment is to outsource a part of the production process that is difficult to be operated in the same plant. This outsourcing of the production process is called Toll Manufacturing or Toll Processing. The third party or the toll processors have specialised equipment as per the requirement of the manufacturers or have specialised technical team that provides a technical know-how into the manufacturing process thereby increasing the efficiency of the process and ultimately the profitability. Strategically, it makes sense for any industry to use toll processing or contract processing, when they have limited facilities or have an innovative production idea that is yet to test its viability in the market.


Special Features

Customization and Flexibility

At FABEX we focus on the needs of our clients and have a specialized team dedicated to the needs of our customers. Our customized design and manufacturing process provides our clients with the flexibility in a variety of services.

Quality Control

We provide feasibility tests in the lab as well as pilot plant scale that help our clients build up trust and confidence on the quality of the manufacturing process. We are always partners in quality to our customers as our quality control procedures are continually reviewed.


The huge manufacturing facility available onsite can help in large production and help our customers have a stress free environment related to storage availability of raw materials and finished goods.

Higher Efficiency

Higher throughput, customized design, on-time deliverables and technical expertise results in higher efficiency of production for our customers

Reducing Capital Investment

Our specialized technical team provides essential advice to improve the quality services as well as providing information related to the specialized equipment helps in reducing the capital investment with regards to equipment, labor and technical personals.